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Step 1 Brushing

The machine is equipped with two counter-rotating brushes. By brushing the
carpet/rug surface the dirt will be loosen, clean from bottom-up and lift up the
carpet piles.
Carpet/Rug Dry Cleaning and Sanitizing Process
Step 2 Cleaning

Cleaning a)
Using Chemical Free Natural Cleaning Compound Process
Sprinkled evenly the Natural Cleaning Compound to the carpet/rug surface. Clean
thoroughly by brushing the carpet piles. It absorbs and attracts the dirt and stain from
deep inside the carpet.

Cleaning b) Encapsulation Cleaning Process Spray Crystal Solution to the
carpet/rug surface. Clean thoroughly by brushing the carpet piles. Dirt and stain
will be dissolved and the solution will turn into microscopically small crystals.
Step 3 Collection

By using "Renovator", the dirty natural compound and crystals will be collected/removed
thoroughly from the carpet/rug surface.
Step 4 Sanitization

As final process, the Anti-Allergen Spray will apply to the carpet/rug to slow down
the re-production of dust mites, bacteria, mould, fungi, spores and other
100% Chemical Free, Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly,
Non-Pesticides, Readily Biodegradable and is a patented product from USA (refer to MSDS).
What are the Advantages after Cleaning and Sanitizing your Carpet/Rug?

- Restore the Softness of carpet piles
- Brighten the Color
NO Chemical Residues
NO Distortion of Shape
NO Water Marks
NO Shrinkage
NO Risk of Discolorization
NO Drying Time Needed
- Remove or Lighten different types of Stains