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Pulverization and Extraction (Sanitizing #1)

The process of pulverizing and extracting of dust, dust mites, and dust mites excrement
along with bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi infected skin particles and body hair
found in abundance in mattresses. Our system has high frequency pulsating waves and
incredible suction pulverize and extract dust mites and their health threatening
excrement as well as all accumulated dust, dead skin flakes and hair particles
accumulated in our mattresses.
Mattress Chemical Free Dry Cleaning and Sanitizing Process
DUAL UV-C Light Emission (Sanitizing #2)

UV-C Light is Germicidal, once the light emitted to certain area of the mattress it
deactivates the DNA of dust mites, bacteria, mould, spores and other pathogens and,
thus, destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. This system is equipped of
Dual Germicidal/UV-C tubes, the European's latest technology, for intensified
killing performance of incredibly
99.9% percent.
Anti-Allergen Spray (Sanitizing #3)

Application of Anti-Allergen Spray to eradicate the re-production of dust, dust mites,
bacteria, mould, spores and other pathogens. This spray is
100% Chemical Free,
Non-toxic, Environmental-Friendly, Non-Pesticides, Readily Biodegradable and is a
patented product from USA (refer to MSDS).