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All upholstery is carefully inspected by our professionally trained service team prior to
cleaning. We then decide on the most suitable process according to the type of fabric
and degree of soiling. Then we will prepare the area for the upholstery cleaning but
every care will be taken to protect the floor covering and surrounding furniture.
Upholstery Crystal/Dry Foam Cleaning and Sanitizing Process
Step 1 Remove

Must remove first the dust on the cushion and sofa frame, by using high power upholstery
Step 3 Crystallization

Dirt will be trapped by dry foam shampoo through crystallization process. The
crystallized form of dusts on the cushion and sofa frame are thoroughly removed
using high power upholstery vacuum.
Step 4 Sanitization

As final process, the Anti-Allergen Spray will apply to the cushion and sofa frame to
slow down the re-production of dust mites, bacteria, mould, fungi, spores and other
100% Chemical Free, Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly,
Non-Pesticides, Readily Biodegradable and is a patented product from USA (refer to
What are the Advantages after Cleaning and Sanitizing your Sofa Set?
(Fabric or Leather Type)

- Refresh the Fabric Color
- Quick Drying Time
- NO Chemical Residues
NO Water Marks
NO Shrinkage of Fabric
NO Risk of Discolorization
- Remove or Lighten different types of Stains

Step 2 Cleaning

Equipped with high-speed rotating brush, it will infuse dry foam shampoo onto
the upholstery for brushing procedure.